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Give a Child a Voice Foundation

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Our Mission

Megan Creson

Communications Director

Locally, nationally, and internationally,Give a Child a Voice is a vocal advocate for the children - We reach out  to every corner of the globe to help children and families with our positive message of hope and healing.

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Hope in Action

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Find your inner power by helping others

* Raising awareness

* Political action

* Shining Light ob a dark subject

The odds a child will suffer abuse is 1 in 4:

WE say NO MORE! *American SPCC

Our Outreach Team is active in our community and  beyond with fun events that raise awareness as well and funds to help us spread our message..  To date in 2018  we have donated 5,162 books to EMPOWER parents to help keep their child safe.

Raising Awareness & Prevention of Child Abuse

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Work with members in your community and make a difference.

The Give a Child a Voice has devoted its energy

to passionately advocating for raising the  awareness and preventing child abuse -

and that means sending the message we will NO longer look the other way.  Awareness is key and education is power.  Explore our website to see how you can help raise awareness of and prevention of child abuse  to contribute to the future of children in your area.

Meet Our Team

All Volunteer

Greene County Sheriff Jim C. Arnott


Sheriff Arnott  supports the GACV and encourages your participation.

We are will working a segment here that will change from time to time from Sheriff Arnott.

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Arrash Ahmadnia

Vice President

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